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The Remedies4Health ebook has well over 250 pages crammed full of widely gathered remedies and treatments for your ailments and illnesses. Included also are easy recipes for essential teas and tinctures, decoctions, cough-syrups, creams, poultices and lots more. The best remedies, selected from some of the many varied fields of health and medicine to enable you to keep healthy and care for yourself and your loved ones naturally.

The Remedies for Health ebook

Yvonne Youngman is a New Zealand Registered General and Obstetric Nurse (NZRGON) with over 30 years nursing experience. The Remedies4Health website and ebook is a result of years of gathering and investigating various health treatments and health remedies available both within mainstream medicine and alternative and traditional practices.

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The Remedies4Health practitioner directory is a selection of highly experienced health practitioners and therapists available for you. Practitioners and therapists, please contact us if you would like to list here.

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Remedies4Health would like to make you aware of some of many differing health therapies and services available today. Most people today have a poor knowledge of what the various medical therapies and services can offer them. Remedies4Health will give you an overview of some of the many therapies and treatments available.

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Water is the key to all bodily functions and is our most important nourishment. It is fundamental for good health. Most of us do not drink enough water and are therefore dehydrated to some extent.

Water and your health

Water, minerals, free radicals, disease and ageing - is there a link?

Water and your health

Providing you with support, self-help, educational, scientific and informative health and wellness resources within modern, traditional and alternative medicine.

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Internationally recognised health education courses are listed here. Up-skill your anatomy and physiology knowledge and health awareness.

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Remedies4Health aims to offer a growing comprehensive resource to people wishing to understand and take some control over the well being and healthcare of themselves and their families. Please feel free to email us with your enquiries or if you would like to list here. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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The NEW Silver Solution® is the only silver product of this kind in the world today, with a patented process of successfully destroying germs. Used for many types of infections and available as a liguid or gel for easy use, The NEW Silver Solution® is also the only silver solution of this type on the market that has been researched and proven both 100% safe and very effective at killing many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The New Silver Solution and your health

B12 sublingual™ is your daily, natural nutritional support for health. This super vitamin and mineral supplement is much more than a regular vitamin pill, (check the ingredients), and should be a part of everyone's supplemental dietary program. Vitamins and minerals are essential to life, contributing to good health and wellness.

B12, B6 Vitamins and Folic Acid for your health

BioZyme™ is specifically designed to assist in the digestion of all foods including proteins, carbohydrates, starches, fats, fibres and all forms of sugar. This formula of 7 enzymes contains more than 77 organic minerals and some selected macro minerals to act as co-factors to 'trigger' the enzymes. No mineral, vitamin or hormone can do any work without enzymes.

BIOZYME Minerals and enzymes, improve digestion and metabolism for your health

The award winning Cellfood® is a proprietary formulation of a super-energised colloidal concentrate, containing 78 ionic colloidal trace minerals, 17 amino acids and 34 plant enzymes in full solution and delivering them, through ingestion, to every single cell in the body. Notice increased vitality, detoxify the body, Cellfood® supports sexual energy and promotes vibrant hair and skin. Excellent in times of stress.

CELLFOOD CONCENTRATE, Notice increased vitality, more energy, detoxify the body

CELLFOOD® Weight Management is an essential part of any weight loss program. This unique and amazing formula combines the 'fat burners' Citron K and L-Carnitine with CELLFOOD® - an award winning wellness product. CELLFOOD® Weight Management increases your vitality, helps to detoxify the body, supports sexual energy, promotes vibrant hair and skin and assists in times of stress as well as helping you to burn those extra calories and reduce weight.

CELLFOOD WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, For Easy Sensible Weight Loss, Controlling your weight, losing weight sensibly and weight management

CELLFOOD® Silica Speeds recovery times and also use after exercise to restore optimum health. Good for athletes. Move painfree again and be flexibile in your body.

CELLFOOD SILICA, Put back the flexibility into your joints, skin and cartilidge while strengthening hair and nails.

Cellfood® Oxygen Gel™ is a mask-forming, nutrient rich topical gel that helps to renew skin texture rendering it softer, smoother and firmer. With regular use, fine lines around the eyes and mouth gradually decrease while revitalised skin regains a luminous radiance. Great also for scars, eczema and sun damaged skin.

CELLFOOD OXYGEN GEL, Feed your skin and renew skin texture rendering it softer, smoother and firmer. Great for eczema.

Cellfood® Sam-e promotes "emotional well-being" as well as "joint health". SAM-e is currently recognised and used to treat five principle conditions: depression, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, liver disease and migraine headaches.

CELLFOOD SAM-e promotes "emotional well-being" as well as "joint health"

NuRev, A Resveratrol Complex is now availale in purified form. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that has become the star of Anti-ageing and Cellular Health studies worldwide. Slow the ageing process with this all-natural compound.

NuRev Resveratrol Complex

NuFocus High Level Energy Capsules can help you harness your potential to bring out that competitive edge and maintain a constant level of energy. NuFocus is suitable for athletes, body builders, high performers, students pre exams, helps weightloss, plus much more. Whether at work or play, NuFocus delivers pure, reliable energy.

NuFocus High Level Energy Capsules - Get safe, natural lasting energy.