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 Silver Sol - The safest and most effective natural product for treating infections. Highly Recommended for all kinds of infections, wounds and burns. A Home First Aid Essential.
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Silver Sol, is a new type of silver with nano particle silver. It is a Natural Immune System Support to Fight Infections, Colds, Flu and Germs.

Silver Sol® is extremely effective at healing infections, killing germs, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and supporting and protecting your entire immune system.


Silver Sol vs Colloidal Silver. Look after yourself now and protect your family from germs, flu and infections.

Pure Highest Quality, Researched, Patented and Powerfully Effective, this new Nano Silver healing product is produced with advanced nano-technology that is also able to ensure a stable non toxic, safe solution.
Silver Sol®' is a must in all homes enabling you to treat infections promptly. Now available in NZ/Australia as a Liquid Solution 10ppm and 22ppm strengths and a soothing 24ppm Wound Gel. Safe for all ages, including your pets.

Patented Silver Sol is a must have in your first aid kit

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Completly safe, painless, non-toxic, easy to use and highly effective, the NEW Silver Solution® is the only silver product of this kind in the world today, which has a unique process of successfully killing pathogens, (Bacteria and viruses), and has the only two US Patent Approval # 7135195, on a silver product in the last 80 years.

Silver Sol US Patent Approval 7135195.

Throughout the centuries and into today, silver in various forms has been used to benefit mankind. Some cultures added powdered silver to a newborn's first bath as protection against a harsh world. American pioneers placed silver dollars in liquids, helping to keep liquids fresh longer. NASA, in the Space Shuttle program, opted for a water filtration system with silver as one of the components.

Today we have nano-silver available as a liquid solution and a gel that has very strong antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. It is important to distinguish one silver product from another as silver sol is a proven patented product unlike any other colloidal silver.

Silver Sol® is a silver-sol product consisting of very tiny (less than 10 nanometers long) particles of pure elemental silver suspended in a solution of very pure water. Available as a liquid in bottles with concentrations of 10ppm or 22ppm. (parts of silver for every million parts of water). Great for topical, internal or oral use. Also available as a topical wound gel at 24 ppm.

Though similar to colloidal silver Silver Sol® is definately not the same and far superior in its use, effectiveness and quality with no side effects. Generally, a colloid is a suspension of particles of from 10 nm to 1 micron in diameter.The silver particles in the New Silver Solution® are smaller in diameter and therefore too small to be considered in "colloidal" suspension. They are rather, in a "nano-suspension," a much more stable state. Also because of the small size of the silver particles, the total surface area of the silver exposed in solution is maximized, resulting in the highest possible effect per unit of silver.


  Older Colloidal or
Ionic Silver
The New Silver Sol
Nature of Compound Silver Suspension Silver Solution
Date of Development Late 1800's Late 1990's
Parts Per Million (ppm) 300 - 300,000 ppm 10-24 ppm
Bio-Availability 15-65% Exceeds 99%
Vibrational Frequence Varied 890-910 THz (same as germicidal UV light)
Works By Catalytic Action No Yes
# of Missing Electrons 1 2
Safety Can Contain Impurities Lab Tested Safe
Can Cause Argyria Yes No Known Cases
Color Brown, Yellow or Silver Colorless
Taste Strong Metallic Flavour Faint Metallic Aftertaste
Odor Distinct Odorless

Only in the last few years has nano-technology begun to evolve into a valuable science and only in the last few years has the technology existed to produce this cutting edge silver solution. Only now has silver arrived as the natural immune system assistant it once was in the early days of mankind when it was plentiful in its natural metallic form in ground water. For optimum function of body immunity, everyone should have the New Silver Solution ® available for their daily natural wellness.

The New Silver Solution® can be a valued addition to your "first aid cabinet". It is useful and suitable for internal and external applications for many various situations. Particularly good for flu, colds, wounds, infections and burns.

The New Silver Solution® Contents: Purified Silver @ 10ppm.
Other Ingredients: Purified water.Contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives.

There are thousands of silver solutions on the market today, but there are none that have the effectiveness, safety, research or data that can compare with Silver Sol®.

Silver Sol® enhances the immune system by also helping with the healing of normal cells and enhancing the lymphatic flow and drainage, which removes toxins from tissues. This improves oxygenation and regeneration of the cells. It also enhances the energy flow in the body. It will enhance homeopathic treatment, acupuncture and all natural healing modalities. Can be used with antibiotics safely.

Silver Sol® is highly effective at supporting your immune system. it will not harm the good bacteria in the gut, it is completely non-toxic and non addictive with no known side effects. Supported by evidence based research and science.

Abstract: MRSA - The Silver Solution® and the Successful Treatment of Hospital Acquired MRSA in Human Subjects With Serious Ongoing Infection. By Gordon Pedersen Ph.D.

Presented to Members of the House International Relations Committee subcommittee on Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations. (Large .pdf download)

Silver Sol prevents resistance. Silver sol can be safely and effectively used for everyday use without causing the bacteria to mutate and become resistant.

Malaria treatment in Ghana video.

Dr Gordon Pederson video on Silver Sol - 58 min.

Total Health - A Silver Lining for Women's Health.

Swine Flu Influenza Type A/H1N1 Protection for Health Care Practitioners and Their Patients By Gordon Pedersen PhD.

Further information and research data.

New Silver Liquid and Gel Summary.


Silver Gel is a highly advanced product that helps in natural wound healing. Having used this product many times now I highly recommend it for everyone with a cut, sore or wounds that are slow to heal, infected rashes, acne or any skin infection - this is an excellent product. It has all the scientific patented abilities of powerful Silver Solution at a full 24 ppm of silver content. Silver Solution Gel has some very specific advantages over regular cosmetic skin care or wound care products:

. It creates an almost instantaneous softening and rejuvenation when applied to the skin.
. It is non-cytotoxic (it will not hurt human or animal cells).

. It provides moisture for wound healing and burn treatment and can be used on or in conjunction with any bandage already available in any first-aid medical kit.

. It helps ease the discomfort associated with burns, wounds, bites or itching problems.
. It has no smell, no alcohol and needs no refrigeration. Handy in the first aid or travel kit.
. It will remain stable from 17o to 113o Fahrenheit.
. It was proven non-toxic in oral administration safety studies. Excellent for thrush or personal lubricant.

. It is designed using only food grade gelling additives. This means it is safe and non-toxic, even if a child were to accidentally eat a whole tube of it.
. It is non-irritating to either the skin, mouth, or eyes. Great for cracked lips, eye infections.

. It is not greasy, contains no alcohol, and if rubbed into the skin, will absorb within 2 minutes, leaving the skin with a wonderful soft, nonsticky feeling.
. In hand-scrub tests (as per SOP- 21), it helped to keep the skin clean for up to four hours after application.

. It is completely safe to use as a personal lubricant and reduces thrush yeast infection.

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