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Remedies4Health Practitioner Directory is a high-profile, reputable directory of New Zealand complimentary practitioners and therapists.

We put people in contact with therapists who can help them with their ailments.

Remedies4Health Practitioner directory covers multiple disciplines in Health and Natural Therapies with links to expert, comprehensive information on the disciplines themselves as well as a wide range of common ailments.

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Acupuncture & Moxibustion,Theraputic Massage
Marga Oosterhoff
9A Warwick St
Phone: 03 5441127

Practitioner's notes:


ACC registered. Also specialising in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs and Nutrition.


Acupuncture, Chinese Osteopathy, Chinese Herbal Med
Vitalis Skiauteris
21 Taharoto Rd
Phone: 09 4865111

Practitioner's notes:

BM sp AC, NDA, MNZRA, D.Ac., D.Vert.D

Diploma in Vertebral Diseases (Tokyo-Moscow)
Tutor/Clinical supervisor at New Zealand School of Acupuncture
ACC accredited provider
NZRA registered acupuncturist .


Sam Corban.
11a Garnet Road,
Phone: 09 3600375

Practitioner's notes:

NDA, BSC, BA, Member NZRA, ACC provider.

Although coming from a well known New Zealand wine making family, Sam chose a career in a different field. After graduating from the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine, he established Sam Corban Acupuncture in 2006. He treats a wide variety of conditions in the clinic, in particular, fertility issues, pain and injury, stress, and immune-related disorders. He also has a keen interest in lifestyle and health promotion and is committed to development and research in the field of acupuncture.


Alexander Technique
Jann McMichael
1/42 Campbell Road
Royal Oak
Phone: 09 634 4155
Cellphone: 021 153 7774

Practitioner's notes:

S.T.A.T.Cert (S.A.). Member of Alexander Technique Teachers Society of New Zealand

My strengths lie in my ability to get to the root cause of your difficulty and to communicate the technique with quiet, positive clarity. Through verbal and touch directives, I teach this skill so that you can discover your own habitual cycles in tension, pain, mental stress, postural collapse etc. and so learn to release them for yourself.

This is a technique for life; once you know it, you have it for good. Gain freedom, ease of movement, flexibility, released breathing. Help yourself to a brighter, better future.


Shelley Reid
Linga Longa Cottage
51 South Tce
Phone: 03 318 7606

Practitioner's notes:

Prof. Member NZROHA

As an aromatherapist, I use essential oils and Bach Flower remedies to treat conditions affecting the body systems.

I also use therapeutic massage treatments: clinical neuromuscular technique, visceral manipulation, manual mobilisation, reflexology, and Swedish massage.


Atlantean Healing Practitioner?,Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy
Emily Wilson
Old House Rd,
Upper Moutere, plus
by appointment in
Phone: 0211542466

Practitioner's notes:

I began my spiritual journey in May 2009 in London when I was first attuned to Reiki Level I. Reiki has been a wonderful tool for my own self-healing journey. It has brought me great peace and a deeper understanding of life?s purpose. I qualified as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher in November 2010. I have since developed my practice to incorporate different frequencies of universal healing energies. These include channeling energy from the celestial and star realms, working with ascended masters, angels and star guides.I also work with crystals which are wonderful tools from the Earth that can provide us with great balance, peace and insight.
I gained the qualifications for all healing modalities listed above in the UK.
My intentions for my healing practice are to guide others to remember and reconnect with their true selves through their own self mastery and self healing.


Ayurvedic Consultant,Rejuvenation and Detox
Priya Punjabi
Ultimate Harmony
Ayurvedic Centre
1/ 1103 Great North
Point Chevalier
Phone: 09 8292045
Fax: 09 8463090

Practitioner's notes:

Batchelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery B.A.M.S. ( India). Dr Priya Punjabi is a NZQA recognised qualified ayurvedic doctor. Member of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners.

Specialising in panchakarma Dr Priya Punjabi has also been educating the community with her regular television and radio shows, and is presently teaching Ayurvedic Medicine in NZ.

Dr Priya is well known for the Ayurvedic counselling which achieves a physical and mental balance.


Bach Flower Essences, Reiki,Homeobotanical Remedies (HbT), Tissue sa
Danielle Mahoney
Naturally Well
114 Ruawai Rd
Mt Wellington
Phone: 09 5797488
Cellphone: 0274312210

Practitioner's notes:

National Certificate of Homeobotanical Therapy (Naturopathic College)
Diploma in NZ Flower essences
Reiki trained and certified to level II
Registered with NZ Reiki Inc

I have been interested in healing with nature since discovering the efficacy and gentleness of natural medicine when I first became a mum. My journey has involved a lot of experimentation on my children! Vibrational healing and energy medicine have a long history although more commonly evident in indigenous cultures. I have chosen to specialise in these modalities as they beautifully complement one another by working gently and effectively alone or in combination to balance and heal.


Bach Flower Practitoner, Homeopathy
Suzi Tetenburg
Rotorua Homoeopathic
Phone: 07 3322003
Fax: 07 3322003

Practitioner's notes:

My key areas of interest are Homoeopathy and Flower Essences. My passion is teaching these modalities to my clients. In line with this I run regular 'first aid' courses in Homoeopathy and Bach Flowers.

Completed Diploma in Homoeopathy and registered with the NZ Register of Homoeopaths Inc. Bach Flowers Practitioner Level 3.
I treat both people and animals, conducting email, phone and personal consultations


Biofeedback Analysis, Naturopaths, Detoxification
Gary & Susanne Beck
TaupoNatural Therapy
34b Hawai St
Two Mile Bay
Phone: 07-376 8518
Fax: 07-376 8518

Practitioner's notes:

Susanne & Gary Beck of Taupo Natural Therapies are both qualified naturopaths having completed their ND with the Naturopathic College of NZ. They practice together and offer professional up to date consultations for clients of any age with any health concern.

Susanne offers specialised cooking classes for those that need help and Gary is also a Building Biologist with experience in the field of electro-biology.

Susanne specialises in the areas dealing with hormone related disorders and childrens problems and Gary tends to do more work with chronic illness and nutritional medicine while they both offer dietary advice and can develope detoxification programmes for the individual.

Both have become experts in the field of Biofeedback analysis and treatments and are able to offer a wide range of therapies using the latest computer technology and what we know as quantum energy.


Bowen Therapy
Lynne & Mark Hunter - Brown
Fascial Kinetics
Unit 10
183 -195 Glenda Driv
Frankton, Queenstown
Phone: 03 4427667

Practitioner's notes:

We both hold the Diploma for Remedial Massage and Cert IV in Bowen therapy (Australian Qualifications).

We have been practising since 1996 and are also the Principles of the Bowen Therapy Training School, Fascial Kinetics, in both Australia and NZ.


Chakra Rebalancing, Holistic Massage, Reflexology
Megan Murphy
Aranui Rd
R D 1 Upper Moutere
Phone: 027 628 0101

Practitioner's notes:

Dip Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Pulsing and Reflexology.
After gaining these Natural Therapy qualifications while in England and completing further studies in and Energy Balancing I have returned to New Zealand where I offer you a personalised in-depth consultation.
By skillfully using these powerful Natural Therapy skills I can help you to restore your physical and psychological self by revitalisng the organs and structures to help restore health to the entire body.

Treatment sessions take 1 hour and cost $50.00.


Chinese Acupuncture
Qui Hu Liang
Liang Acupuncture Cl
8 Highfield Grove
Phone: 03 5442968

Practitioner's notes:

MB, Dip. TCM(China), MNZRA.

Lectured acupuncture for 12 years at Chinese university. Specialising in -Stress and insominia problems. Muscle and joint pain, Digestive problems.

ACC Registered.


Rowan Miller
Miller Chiropractic
Clinics at
20 Tudor St, Motueka
22 Meihana St,Takaka
Phone: 07 3322003
Cellphone: 021 106 8461

Practitioner's notes:

BSc., BSc (Chiro.), M.N.Z.C.A

And visiting Westport and Murchison.

As a chiropractor my work consists primarily of spinal manipulative therapy with an emphasis on improving spinal biomechanics and nervous system function.

ACC Registered.


Hannah Zydervelt
43 Greenwood St
Phone: 03 5280323

Practitioner's notes:

Hannah combines a low force chiropractic adjusting, stretching and accupressure to create an effective gental approach to skeletal muscular alignment.


Clinical Herbalist, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapist,
Coley Ellison
90 Chelmsford St
Phone: 03 217 5212
Cellphone: 027 296 3482

Practitioner's notes:

M.R.S.H.[London] B.S.Y.A.[Col] B.S.Y.A.[Adv.Col.][England]. Specialist Telepathic/Distance Healer.Registered and Chartered Natural Therapy Practitioner

Contact me and without leaving your home I will talk through the health concerns you have, also any related areas that need to be addressed. Then work through the recovery expectations with the many treatments I have available and offer a programme that is able to achieve your needs.

I use a very special world wide communication system treatment that can be carried out while you go about your everyday life [or you may attend at my clinic]. People are treated successfully throughout NZ and around the world.

I specialise in Maori medicines and treat health problems from pre natal-babies to senior age groups. Also frequently treated are the side effects of necessary long term medication.


Consultant Medical Herbalist
Sara Hamer
Queen St Herbalist
513 Queen Street
Phone: 06 368 4473
Cellphone: 06 368 4473
Fax: 06 368 4473

Practitioner's notes:


I qualified as a medical herbalist with the College of Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) in the UK - a four year, degree-level course. I am registered with the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists and the UK College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy.

I have over 10 years experience as a Consultant Medical Herbalist, as well as having taught clinical skills for two degree courses in herbal medicine for several years.
I have experience in treating a wide range of health problems and currently run the Queen Street Herbalist in Levin, a herbal dispensary and health centre, providing highest quality herbal treatment and herbal products.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
Rehana Webster
Energy Therapies NZ
7-b Edinburgh St
Phone: 09 238-1068
Cellphone: 021 160 3976

Practitioner's notes:

BSc (Anthropology)NLP, EFT-CC

A NLP practitioner with over 10 years experience, I'm very excited to make EFT available through self-help workshops and sessions for everyone. I'm also offering training for health practitioners who want to add this tool to their existing skills.

I am always looking for additional tools that are safe, effective, quick and with lasting effects and EFT meets all the above criteria. I've achieved a 95% success rate with this technique with 100's of people, for a wide range of emotional and mental problems, simple or complex.


Holistic Pulsing, Pilates, Therapeutic Massage, Fitness Trainer
Lynda Mabin
School Rd
R D 1 Upper Moutere
Phone: 03 5481964

Practitioner's notes:

BA., MA.,(Hons), Dip Holistic Pulsing.

Provider of NZQA accredited correspondence courses in Anatomy and Physiology and Therapeutic Massage.

NZQA registered Private Training Establishment offering distance learning courses for holistic body workers and complementary and alternative health providers.

Treat yourself and release your tensions with a relaxing massage or pulsing session. Pilates classes at Mapua, or sign up for a stimulating correspondence course.


Eva Pick
Pick Homeopathy
Sowman St
Phone: 035457585

Practitioner's notes:

I come from Germany, and grew up with homeopathy being the medical treatment of choice.
I have been learning about homeopathy my entire life; have taught several courses in basic homeopathy at the (then) Nelson Polytechnic, Motueka branch during the 1990's. I have studied 4 years with the Wellington College of Homeopathy, and another 2 years with the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy.

As a homeopath I will take the time to listen to you and treat you as a unique individual. This involves questions not only about your present health condition, but also your history, diet, etc. For this reason you will need to allow up to one and a half hours for the first appointment.
Subsequent appointments - anything from 2 weeks to one month later - are much shorter.

I use classical German Homeopathy. German Speakers Welcome


Homeopathy, Numerology Profile Analyst
Mary Tonner
99 Vipond Road,
Whangaparaoa Peninsu
Hibiscus Coast
Phone: 09 4242 955

Practitioner's notes:

I gained my diploma at the Auckland College of Classical Homoeopathy,and currently registered with the NZ Register of Homoeopaths Inc.,

As well as being a Numerology Profile Analyst, I am a tutor at the Auckland College of Classical Homoeopathy. I also provide talks on homeopathy to interested groups.


Linda Peat
111 Baldwin Rd
R D 1 Upper Moutere
Phone: 03 5266229
Cellphone: 027 4510 178

Practitioner's notes:

I have the Diploma of Classical Homeopathy, NZQA standards.

Women and children's health is my specialised area.

The effective and safe system of homeopathy will help keep you and your family healthy and well balanced, emotionally, mentally as well as physically.


Indian Head Massage, Reflexology
Simone Davey
12 Montgomery Cresc
Phone: 0210 304 662
Cellphone: 0210 304 662

Practitioner's notes:

BBS, Dip Anatomy & Physiology, Dip Reflexology.

Simone Davey is qualified professional Reflexologist who holds an International Diploma in Reflexology (practitioner level). She is also a mother of two crazy and active pre-school boys.
In her former life, she worked in Human Resources, having spent seven years in Edinburgh and London project managing global employee related schemes for one of the largest banks in the world. Since having children, she has opted out of the corporate world for something more real and has found her passion in holistic natural therapy.


Iridology, Medical Herbalist, Naturopath
Michael McCammon ND
New Zealand Herbals
26 Conway Street
Christchurch 2
Phone: 03-332 1786

Practitioner's notes:

Graduate of the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics (1974).Member the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists.

My strengths are in the areas of diagnosis, nutrition, chronic fatigue, fertility for both men and women, conducting seminars and addressing all levels of illness from acute through to chronic. In practice for 25 years, I have a multi disclipinary integrated approach.

Michael McCammon N.D. is an experienced practitioner and lecturer of Natural Medicine. He has an eclectic and integrated approach to healing using non toxic and easy solutions and is available for private consultation.


Massage, Sport, Deep Tissue, Swedish,Reflexology, Aromatherapy
Janine Pugh
Relaxology Studio
216 Queen St
Phone: 035440496
Cellphone: 0210776981

Practitioner's notes:

Dip Massage Therapy.

Enter a world of delicious scents, soothing music and discover the secretes of relaxation and harmony at Relaxology Studio.
Our focus is to give you the best possible service and experience at a moderate price. We build our reputation on integrity,superior knowledge and skill.
Discover the secrets of infra red sauna for health and wellbeing. This can be added to any treatment or used on its own.
Show your super gold card for a 10% discount off your treatment.
Gift vouchers available.


Medical Herbalist
Megan Wildblood-Crawford
The Herb Centre
223 Kilmore St
Phone: 03-365-3011

Practitioner's notes:

B.A. Biology, Dip. Clinical Herbal Medicine, Reg. Member NHAA

I take time to get the whole picture of a client-physically, emotionally and lifestyle-wise.
This allows me to determine a holistic approach that best suits the individual.
I treat with a strong emphasis on nutritional medicine and blend this with herbal medicine, in addition to advising on dietary and lifestyle adaptations.
I have most experience treating nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders anxiety, depression, women's health, autoimmune conditions, allergies.


Medical Herbalist, Naturopath
Richard Whelan
100 Holly Rd
Christchurch 5
Phone: 03 356 1118

Practitioner's notes:

I studied for my diplomas in Australia in the mid 1980s and have been working in Christchurch as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist since 1989.
I am registered as a full member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia which has a comprehensive code of ethics, also registered with the Holistic Animal Therapists Association.


NeuroMassage, Reiki, Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Eileen Connelly
444 Riwaka Valley Rd
Phone: 03 5285304
Cellphone: 0211128401
Fax: 03 5285304

Practitioner's notes:

Dip. Clinical Neuro Muscular & Trigger Point Therapy
Dip. Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Recognised Professional Remedial Massage Therapist with current practicing certificate Massage New Zealand.
Wellness Certificate

Area Representative for Massage New Zealand

Careful Relief from: frozen shoulder, numbness/pins & needles issues, neck and shoulder issues, general body aches and pains, pregnancy massage, Relaxing Holistic Therapeutic Massage etc. Nutritional guidance.


Samantha Wilman
442 Main Rd
Phone: 03 528 8103
Cellphone: 021 238 1719

Practitioner's notes:

Member of The Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.

I trained at the British School of Osteopathy, in London, graduating in 1994.

I treat both adults and children.


Reiki Practitioner
Andrew Challis
Phone: 03 359 9156

Practitioner's notes:

I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner.

Also currently licenced by an American company, HeartMathLLC to run their stress management programs.


Shen Therapy,Theraputic Massage
Laura Campbell DTM CST
R D 1 Upper Moutere
Phone: 03 5266896

Practitioner's notes:

Certified SHEN Therapist,
International SHEN Therapy Association member (ISTA),
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

I trained in Scotland as a SHEN practitioner from 1992-1996. My mentor trained with Richard Pavek, the ex-NASA scientist, who discovered SHEN. By September 2003 I had updated my training with Richard Pavek, and became a Certified SHEN Therapist. I am delighted to bring this consistently effective emotional release therapy to the South Island.


Sports & Remedial Massage
Patricia Joyce
Motueka Massage Clin
2 Wilkinson St
Phone: 027 220 7577

Practitioner's notes:

Providing you with a choice of quality massage waxes made locally using a range of essential oils. A totally enjoyable experience. My aim as a sports massage practitioner is to help you to achieve a higher performance and training level and help prevent injuries.

Relieve tension and muscular pain, increase muscle recovery after exercise, assists in relaxation and enhances body awareness.





Terms and conditions of business / privacy


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