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. Germ defense 101. Silver Sol for your whole family.

. Silver Sol for your Pets - new product now available

. The sleep and weight connection

. Bananas 4 Health

. Nourish Your Body

. How to measure your aerobic threshold

. VITAMINS + MINERALS - One is no good without the other.

. How to get your green prescription

Have you had your heart and diabetes check? Knowing your numbers could save your life. Talk to your Nurse or GP today.

Silver Sol Info.

Germ Defense 101: Silver Sol Destroys Bacteria, Viruses and Mould.

Have you noticed more and more news stories on the various applications of bacteria and odour fighting nano silver? You can now buy odour fighting socks impregnated with nano silver. There are reports of washing machines that now inject silver ions into the wash and silver can safely be used in spa pools in place of odourous chlorine.

There are now certain types of food containers that retard food spoilage by using nano silver particulates in the container material.

Silver Sol is NOT colloidal or ionic silver, but a completely new type of silver that is excellent for healing and protecting our body.
- A nano particle of silver is smaller than one billionth of the width of a human hair. Much smaller than colloidal silver and therefore able to have a much more powerful effect without any of the toxic side effects that colloidal silver can produce.

The New Silver Solution is a nano particulate solution using new SilverSol® techology.

SilverSol® is metallic silver particle with a thin multivalent silver oxide skin
. It kills on contact
. SilverSol® interferes with viruses
.Disrupts viral DNA
.SilverSol® emits a Resonance
. Similar to UV light, SilverSol® produces a resonate frequency at 890-910 THz, which is antimicrobial
.Wound studies show that SilverSol® helps activate stem cells for improved and faster healing



It is not commonly realized that vitamins control the body's ability to absorb and use minerals, but the lack of minerals, means vitamins have no function to perform and are quickly eliminated from the body.
It is a huge waste of money to gobble handfuls of high potency vitamin tablets, without backing them up with the right minerals. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but without minerals, vitamins are useless. ...
This discovery is one of the latest and most important revelation by science about human health. Research has shown direct correlation between mineral deficiencies and illnesses.

CELLFOOD® provides an incredible delivery system and increases mineral absorption. Because the essential minerals are suspended in a colloidal form and are broken down into an electrolyte ion state, they are readily absorbed through the walls of the intestines and colon at a much greater rate (approximately 95% absorption) than minerals in a tablet or granular form (approximately 20% absorption).

CELLFOOD® contains 15 essential vitamins and 78 minerals including Omega 3 and Omega 6. Of the 78 minerals in Cellfood; 34 are from fossilized plant taken from virgin earth and 44 from the clean Southern Oceans surrounding New Zealand, unrefined and still containing their natural resources.

CELLFOOD® is a past winner of the International Hall of Fame Advanced Technology Award for Nutrition and is available as a concentrate or in a supplemented formulation.

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Healthy foods.


This is the best way ever to burn body fat.
Talking or singing when you exercise is a good way to measure your 'aerobic threshold'. If you can exercise and still keep up a conversation you are more likely to burn fat and calories than if you over-exert yourself.


The connection between a child's weight and the amount of sleep that child gets may not be immediately apparent, but new research has found a strong correlation between the two.

Children who get less sleep are more likely to be obese according to researchers from the Michigan University Centre for Human Growth and Development, in the November 2007 issue of the Paediatric Journal. Even after compensating for other factors, such as the home environment, the link between less sleep and heavier weight was still apparent. Three likely reasons why sleep might affect weight.
. If children don't get enough sleep at night, they'll be less likely to run around and get exercise during the day.
. When children are tired, they're more irritable and may reach for junk food to help regulate their mood.
Also, what Dr. Lumeng called a "hot area for future research" is the possible connection between sleep and fat metabolism. There have been studies done with adults that have shown that a lack of sleep may disrupt the secretion of hormones involved in appetite and metabolism, such as leptin and insulin. Bedtimes and wake times are both important -- for children and adults.

Did you know...

Body fat in the abdomen is more closely associated with health risks than any other fat stores.

Research is verifying what our ancesters knew; healthy eating habits are the essential key to longevity and good health.


Health Benefits of bananas.

1. Bananas contain more potassium than any other fruit, that helps your body regulate blood sugar and vital organs.

2. The more yellow the banana, the more natural sugar and antioxidants it contains.

3. Bananas and their skin reduces itchiness and inflammation from mosquito and sandlfy bites, Rub skin on bites or eat banas daily.

4. Promotes healthy bones

5. Relieves menstral cramps

6. Bananas contain tryptophan which converts to serotonin in the body Reduceing feelings of depression.

7. Reduces risk of heart disease

8. Assists people with stomach ulcers

9. Regulates bowel movements

10. Helps reduce cravings associated with smoking

11. Bananas are an excellent snack between meals - they contain complex carbohydrates that help you feel full longer so are good for weightloss

12 Bananas oxidise quickly once peeled and cut - dip in salt water or lemon juice to prevent browning.

13. Banana leaf can be used like aluminum foil - wrap your food in one and place in oven or on a grill to cook.

14. Banana leaves and peels can help heal burns

15. Banana leaves contain allantoin, a natural substance that can help heal the skin.

16. Banana leaves or peel can be shredded and used as a poultice on wounds to draw out infections.


As you read through this newsletter a recurring theme of healthy eating and regular exercise starts to emerge.
If you are feeling in need of a bit of support to get started on a proper regular healthy exercise programme that takes your individual health needs into account then ask your local Practice Nurse for a GREEN PRESCRIPTION.

This innovative and effective way of starting off on the right foot is a healthy step towards the active way to health.

Green Prescriptions involve the combined resources from General Practitioners & Practice Nurses, activity providers such as SPARC and Regional Sports Trusts (such as Sport Tasman, Sport Northland and Counties-Manukau Sport).

Moderate physical activity can dramatically improve a number of health outcomes, risk factors and diseases as demonstrated in this Push Play Physical Activity and Health Conditions report.

Contact your local Practice Nurse or call the free phone line 0800 ACTIVE (0800-228483) and talk with the Active Living coordinator from your regional sports trust to get your Green Prescription and start your active way to health today.

Total Health - A Silver Lining for Women's Health.

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At Remedies4Health, our nutritional supplements for health wellness and enhancement are based on the research and expertise of the most notable pioneers in wellness and anti-aging, alternatives, and natural medicine.

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Cellfood, A Winner of the International Hall of Fame's Advanced Technology Award for nutrition
How Does Cellfood Work?
What is Cellfood
Cellfood Oxygen Therapy Products
Cellfood contains 78 ionic colloidal minerals, 34 metabolic and digestive enzymes,  17 amino acids and electrolytes, and has over a 95% cellular absorbtion rate . Cellfood Silica is ideal immediately following physical activities to assist the body's natural recovery process. Add it to your water bottle.
 Cellfood® is a powerful free radical scavenger as well as enhancing nutrient absorption and increasing waste metabolism, it has energy boosting properties allowing the body to function cleanly and efficiently. Cellfood contains 78 ionic colloidal minerals, 34 metabolic and digestive enzymes,  17 amino acids and electrolytes, and has over a 95% cellular absorbtion rate
Cellfood Silica is perfect for Athletes assisting the body's natural recovery time, Assisting to improve skin tone and elasticity, Re-mineralisation of bones, hair and nails, Immune system support and improved elasticity of blood vessels.
Cellfood Weight Management works.
Oxygen is your first defence in restoring suppleness and a youthful feel back into your skin.
Cellfood puts oxygen, minerals, enzymes and vitamins direct into the cells. Cellfood Oxygen Gel is specially formulated to take advantage of the dramatic topical benefits of Cellfood creating an exceptional skin rejuvenator that is both beautifying and healing.
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